Corporate law; It is a branch of law that is necessary for the regulation of activities carried out in the economic field. It is necessary to act in accordance with the law in all legal processes and behaviors in the field of trade for the company. Turkish Commercial Code; By opening Turkey to foreign investments, it has ensured that innovations exist. At this point, lawyers who are experts in the new Turkish Commercial Code should deal with these cases.

Economic activities are an extremely important aspect for businesses and individuals.  The regular area of law designed by trade is referred to as commercial law as well as corporate law. Since the economy has features that affect everyone in general, it is very important that all issues related to trade are regulated within the framework of laws.

What Does Corporate Law Cover?

Corporate law has an extremely broad scope. The most important of these areas is valuable documents. We can generally talk about securities as policies, bonds and checks. It is very important that all commercial activities are carried out with the aim of making a profit. The use of securities is necessary to make making a profit extremely simple and fast.

We can state that company types are determined within the scope of company law. All trading companies for which the Commercial Code is regulated; It is included in the 2nd book of the Commercial Code. In this direction, we can say that there are many companies that are not suitable for certain types of companies. According to the Code of Obligations, it is considered a company. The types of companies regulated according to the Commercial Code are generally as follows.

  • Commandite companies
  • Collective companies
  • Limited liability companies
  • Joint stock companies
  • Cooperative companies

Within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code, we can say that all enterprises have legal personality. In this direction, the field that deals with these issues in general is corporate law.

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