In this context, you can benefit from the support of a professional Labor Court Lawyer for all cases whose subject matter falls within the field of Labor Law.

Labor Law deals with lawsuits filed due to disputes that occur between the employee and the employer. Labor Law, which has a very important role in terms of protecting both employee and employer rights, also has aspects that concern Commercial Law. However, in disputes arising from the labor relationship, the parties must request the support of an Labor Law Lawyer. Otherwise, it is possible to experience loss of rights or to arise different disputes.

What Cases Does an Employment Court Lawyer Hear?

The Labor Law Lawyer deals with every case arising from the subject business relationship. But not many people know about the relationships regulated under Labor Law. In this case, the Alanya Labour Court Lawyer shall deal with the following cases.

  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Psychological Harassment at Work – Mobbing
  • Preventing the Exercise of Workers’ Rights
  • Damages Arising from Acts Contrary to the Employment Contract
  • Disputes Regarding Whistleblower Compensation
  • False Declaration of Premium Payments
  • Compensation for Damages Caused by Work Accidents

The Labor Court Lawyer, who has a great role in regulating the relations between the employer and the employee, does not only resolve disputes. At the same time, he is involved in many issues such as the arrangement of contracts, termination of contracts and mediation. In this context, the Labor Court Lawyer primarily aims to ensure harmony between the parties.

Is it Obligatory to Hire a Lawyer at Alanya Labour Court?

There is a need for lawyer support related to all cases heard within the Turkish Legal System. However, the obligation to hire a lawyer is usually out of the question. A similar situation exists in cases heard in the Labour Court. However, it is much easier to defend your rights with the support of Alanya Labor Court Lawyer. Lawyers who follow legal changes offer you solutions that will be in your favor. In this context, a more successful process comes to the agenda.

It can be stated that receiving lawyer support is also very valuable in terms of interpreting and using the law. For this reason, getting the support of an Employment Lawyer is very valuable in terms of defending your rights.